Friday, July 17, 2020

Right To Bear Arms: The Last Defense of a Free People

Our Founding Fathers believe that not only is the right to bear arms a sacred right for self defense but a deterrent to ambitious government with tyrannical designs.

Conservatives are often scoffed at for holding this belief. Liberals condescendingly dismiss those who hold this belief as radicals and say that intelligent level headed people can't possibly see a threat from our American government.

Despite the lessons of history that saw 56 million defenseless people exterminated by their own governments in the 20th century many reject the historical examples as insufficient comparisons to our government of checks and balances. That somehow Americans are immune to the pitfalls of history.

As a conservative I find it extraordinary that it is not obvious to every American how our freedoms have eroded over the last 100 years and how precarious our constitutional rights hang in the systematic weakening of our constitution and our government systems. 

We are watching the unraveling of our societies most honored institutions. The American family, the culture, our education systems, and the cankering and corrupting of government at every level. With all of this I find it extraordinary that there are so many who think our nation is immune to the type of Tyranny seen in empires of the past.

Even if you can reject the danger of tyrannical government and the need for an armed citizenry as a deterrent, the threats to the stability of the civil society are real. To assert that the only need a citizen has for a fire arm is to defend against errant criminals rejects every possible scenario that would lead to the disintegration of our way of life and our free government. It ignores the lessons and therefore wisdom of history and most certainly dooms us to repeat it.

Gun ownership is not a cure to what ails our society but rather a last defense against the consequences of it. The Right to Bear Arms was secured by our Founding Fathers as the last defense of a free people.

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