Friday, July 17, 2020

#1 Why I Love America: My Heartland

We are entering full blown Presidential election season. It’s going to be intense, even more than we’ve seen this far. We are in serious need of being reminded of those things we love about our nation, our history, our unique way of life, and Constitutional government. My plan for trying to keep my grounding in these tumultuous times is to share with you all, as often as I can, the things I love about America and why I believe it’s so important that we preserve this unique American way of life. I have been sharing these post on my Facebook groups under the hashtags:

#ProudAmerican #AmericanCovenant

#1 Why I Love America: My Heartland

I love America’s heartland!! Especially the lush river farmlands of Easter Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and parts of Missouri, and Eastern Kansas. I feel overwhelmingly blessed to live in such a choice land. I love the land, the people, the hard-working God fearing culture.

I’m grateful my church is strong here... the heartland Christian culture is down to earth, friendly, and stable, cost of living is fantastic, the economy is strong and the business community is vibrant. Omaha has a beautiful Latter-Day Saint temple (Winter Quarter’s Temple) and I love the peace I find when I worship there. 

I am grateful for plenty of water, great land for gardening and farming, and the beautiful rivers. I love Sarpy County, south of Omaha, the city isn’t far away with all of its conveniences, but there’s lots of beautiful land in Sarpy county between the Platte River and the Missouri River. The river bluffs look like beautiful green foothills. The hills covered in their crops in the spring and summer overlooking the river is amazingly beautiful! You get a lot of that in the big river valleys along the Missouri River and Mississippi River.

Are you familiar with the painter Grant Wood? He painted scenes from Iowa in a style that became known as American Regionalism. I think people look at his paintings and think, that’s not real. Of course his style is meant to be idealistic, but the first time my husband took me to Iowa to see where he grew up I was literally floored! I said, “It’s just like Grant Wood painted it.” The dirt freshly plowed was just as dark, the greens and golds just as vibrant, the planted rolling hills... all of it. I fell in love with the heartland, this verily small circle from Winter Quarters to Nauvoo, and from there south down the river to Missouri and Kansas. It looks just like Grant Wood Painted it.

We love it in Nebraska. I love the  land of this great country. 

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