Friday, July 17, 2020


Do you believe in liberty? Does Freedom in the affairs of men work better than tyranny at securing peace, justice, and happiness? Does freedom elevate humanity and provide the stepping stones of progress? — Or, is it socialism and communism with all its central planning and heavy regulations that provides the best path to justice and equality, that secure peace and promotes happiness? Have government programs really been the catalyst for pulling people out of poverty?

I think it’s time we decide again what form of government we want, which form we believe is best.

As for me, I believe in American Constitutional liberty!! I believe that ALL men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. I believe that all we should expect from a government is to secure those natural rights for all, provide for the common defense, and stay out of the way of local governance and individual liberty. I believe the US Constitution is best designed to preserve those functions. If you have confidence (and history should give it to you) that American liberty has set the stage for the greatest leap forward in social progress in history, then apply that confidence — AND BELIEVE that people left to liberty on an even footing under laws that guard basic natural rights will continue to progress and become better people. That doesn’t mean there will ever be a perfect utopia with no racism, no social ills, no human failing, no crime, no poverty — Even Christ said the poor are always with us — there will never be a perfect union among imperfect people. To be committed to liberty you must resolve yourself to the realities of human nature and allow for imperfection. BUT BELIEVE that freedom is the best way to form a “more perfect union” and establish liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

What I see in the unraveling of our civil society and social fabric is the effects of too much social engineering that has failed. What was designed by central planners to lift people from poverty, has trapped them in it. What was designed by central planners to address inequalities has deepened  inequalities. The social decay prompted by a disintegration of faith & family used by political movements to solidify its aims in law — they were revolutionary movements — not of liberty, but of socialism, of tyranny. If we are to continue progressing toward ideals conceived in liberty under the proposition that all men are created equal, if we are to secure liberty and justice for ourselves and our posterity, and not fall backwards into the tyranny of a ruling class, we need to sustain the “indispensable pillars of liberty” (George Washington) that got us this far! We need to stop tearing down and start restoring American foundations!!

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